This message is for E-Learners and has been provide by the District in regards to State Testing this year. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Wilkins.

Bethune Academy is preparing for Spring 2021 state assessments. Per state statue 1008.22 “(3) STATEWIDE, STANDARDIZED ASSESSMENT PROGRAM.—…… Participation in the assessment program is mandatory for all school districts and all students attending public schools,….”.  Per the Florida Department of Education, state assessments may not be administered remotely.


Assessment results assist with planning an educational path for your child(ren) and provide information regarding the appropriate courses for enrichment or remediation options in a student’s schedule.  A lack of state performance data may impact your student with:


  • Retention in third grade, if reading proficiency is not demonstrated.
  • A missed opportunity to meet the graduation requirements necessary for a high school diploma (Algebra 1 EOC and Grade 10 FSA ELA).
  • A lower overall grade on an EOC course, because all EOC exams count for 30% of the overall EOC course grade (Algebra 1, Biology, Civics – middle school, Geometry, US History – high school).


When your child reports to campus for testing, they will follow the COVID-19 safety protocols we have in place for our campus learners, including temperature checks, the wearing of face-coverings, and hand-washing/sanitation.  Additionally, they will need to adhere to all district policies, including but not limited to, the dress code and code of conduct.  We will be in contact with your child’s specific testing details: dates, times, and drop-off/pick-up procedures.


We appreciate your dedication to supporting your child’s learning during this unusual year.


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