November 19, 2020

The Great American Teach-In is an annual event coordinated by the Polk County Public Schools’ Department of Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships to celebrate American Education Week. During this event, members of the community are invited to speak to students about their careers, travel and hobbies, and how their early educational experiences relate to their current lives. The Teach-In introduces students to career options they might never have considered, hobbies they might never have discovered, and activities they might never have experienced. Teach-In speakers are welcome to do any of the following via virtual format: share information about their career or hobby; conduct an activity; read a story; teach a lesson; or share how school helped them achieve success. PCPS will not hold in-person experiences. All presentations must be conducted virtually. This includes sessions held inside and outside the classroom.

Bethune Academy 863-421-3334 Kathryn Quinn

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